Pro Maintenance Practices To Keep Your Garage Door In Proper Working Order

29 December 2021
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Servicing your garage door might not be in your immediate plans, especially if it opens and closes when needed. However, failing to do it can lower its efficiency and longevity. Besides, a neglected door is hazardous to your family because it can fall off when moving, causing severe injuries. That gives you enough reasons to get professional garage door services regularly. Routine professional maintenance ensures that the door is safe, easy to use, and operates for many years without the need for replacement. Read More 

Choosing a Garage Door Opener for a Storm-Proof Garage

16 August 2021
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If you live in an area that frequently experiences thunderstorms, hurricanes, or other severe weather conditions, it is always important to make sure your garage is protected from wind damage. A storm-proof garage door created to withstand high winds is a must, but these formidable doors can present a problem if you decide to install an automatic garage door opener. If you need a garage door opener that be used with a storm-proof garage door, the basic, bottom-shelf models may not be entirely up to the job. Read More 

5 Common Repair Problems With Manual Garage Doors

21 May 2021
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A garage door doesn't have to be hooked into an automatic door opener to suffer issues. There are damages that can affect manually operating doors and prevent them from working properly.  1. Track Problems The most common type of problem is likely with the track. Tracks can become dirty and warped over time. Cleaning them out so that no cobwebs, leaves, or other debris prevents door operation can help. More severe issues may require that the track is re-aligned or that bent and damaged sections are replaced. Read More