Choosing a Garage Door Opener for a Storm-Proof Garage

16 August 2021
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If you live in an area that frequently experiences thunderstorms, hurricanes, or other severe weather conditions, it is always important to make sure your garage is protected from wind damage. A storm-proof garage door created to withstand high winds is a must, but these formidable doors can present a problem if you decide to install an automatic garage door opener.

If you need a garage door opener that be used with a storm-proof garage door, the basic, bottom-shelf models may not be entirely up to the job. Instead, you should look for a garage door opener model with the following features:

High Maximum Weight Rating

Reinforced garage doors that can withstand extreme winds are inevitably heavier than ordinary garage doors, and this extra weight will place more strain on your garage door opener's motor. If your opener's motor is too weak, it may lift and close your garage door unacceptably slowly (or not at all), and is more likely to suffer permanent damage and break down faster.

If possible, you should check the manufacturer's information that came with your garage door to determine how much it weighs and buy a garage door opener with a suitable maximum weight rating. If you can't find this information, it is better to err on the side of caution and choose the most powerful opener available. High-powered consumer-grade door openers have enough horsepower to lift almost any type of garage door.

Chain Or Screw Drive

Many garage door openers are belt drive openers, which use a flexible belt to transmit power from the opener's motor to the door. Belt drive openers are quiet and easy to maintain, but most models lack the load-bearing strength needed to open and close a reinforced garage door.

Chain drive openers are more suitable for storm-proof garages and use a heavy metal chain (similar to a oversized bicycle chain) to transmit power. These openers can handle much heavier loads and are frequently less expensive than their belt driven counterparts. However, they do make a lot of noise while functioning and must be lubricated regularly to prevent overheating and chain rust.

Screw drive openers are another good option for storm-proof garage doors, and most models have very high maximum weight ratings. They are also quieter than chain driven openers, but they do require more maintenance and can be expensive to repair if they break down.

Battery Backup

Power outages are common during extreme weather conditions. If your garage door opener loses power during an outage, you may be left out in the cold; hardly ideal when a vicious storm is blowing through town. Make sure the opener you choose comes with a dedicated backup battery so it will function during extended power outages and let you store your vehicle safely.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for garage door openers.