Tips For Replacing Your Garage Door’s Lock

16 November 2016
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Has your home's garage door lock become broken? You most likely want to have it replaced so that your garage door is secure again. It won't be too difficult to have the lock replaced on your home's garage door. Here are some tips for making it go very smoothly. Measure The Lock The first step is taking measurements so that the replacement lock you're buying has a similar size as the existing lock that is broken. Read More 

Two Maintenance Tips To Help Keep Your Garage Door In Good Condition

12 October 2016
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Your garage door could possibly be one of the most neglected fixtures in your entire house.  It's very easy to overlook just how important this door is, and how it helps to keep unwanted elements outside of your home.  That's why it's so important to perform certain activities so that your door remains in good shape.  Use this information to learn two maintenance tips that can help keep your garage door running smoothly for as long as possible. Read More 

What Are Some Common Garage Door Repairs?

29 September 2016
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If you are buying a garage door, you may be wondering what additional maintenance and repair costs come with the initial price tag. Here are some common garage door repairs to expect.  Broken or Misaligned Sensors A few things can go wrong with your sensors. If the photo eye on your garage door is impacted, the glass may break and result in a repair need. When the glass of the photo eye is broken, the laser that senses whether the door is open or shut may not function properly, leading to problems with controlling the garage door. Read More 

Automating Your At Home Hurricane Systems For Quickness

14 September 2016
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If you live in a hurricane-prone area, there will often be warnings if a storm is on the way. Sometimes the warnings may come just a few hours before the storm is set to roll through. If this happens, you will need to be prepared and capable of locking down your house within a short amount of time. Here are some ways that you can automate your hurricane preparation so that you can protect your home and family in the event that a quick storm is moving in. Read More 

Garage Doors And Personal Security: Why Your Opener Isn’t Enough

12 September 2016
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When you think about how your garage is the least secure space on your entire property, does it bother you? Are you the least bit concerned that bold-as-brass thieves might sneak up onto your property and break into your garage and take things? Has it already happened to you? These are all things you need to seriously consider when it comes to your garage doors and personal security. Your garage door is not enough to secure everything inside either, and here is why. Read More