What Are Some Common Garage Door Repairs?

29 September 2016
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If you are buying a garage door, you may be wondering what additional maintenance and repair costs come with the initial price tag. Here are some common garage door repairs to expect. 

Broken or Misaligned Sensors

A few things can go wrong with your sensors. If the photo eye on your garage door is impacted, the glass may break and result in a repair need. When the glass of the photo eye is broken, the laser that senses whether the door is open or shut may not function properly, leading to problems with controlling the garage door. Another problem may be that these sensors are simply misaligned; a garage door repair specialist can guide you on how to fix this issue. 

Broken Cable

Another issue that can occur is that the garage door cable needs to be replaced. If you notice any issues with the garage door cable, be sure to get it replaced right away. You wouldn't want the garage door to slam shut as you are driving through it; a frayed cable is vulnerable to a sudden snap. 

Broken Garage Door Tracks

The most common issue with your garage door tracks is that they get misaligned. It's simple to refasten the tracks yourself if you catch the problem early on. If garage door tracks are left misaligned for some time, the garage door track might get bent under the pressure. In some cases, you or a garage door repair specialist can iron out this problem with a rubber mallet to smooth the metal. But if the bend is severe, it might have compromised the strength of the metal. In those cases, a full replacement of the track is a good idea. 

Roller Issues

Your rollers can start to have issues if the tracks are not maintained properly. For instance, if the debris in your garage door tracks causes the rollers to get misshapen, they may glide over the tracks unevenly and eventually get dings in them. This can impact how smoothly your garage door is able to float over the tracks. Regular cleaning of the garage door tracks can help to prevent this issue, as can keeping the tracks properly lubricated. Fortunately, garage door rollers are one of the more affordable parts to replace. 

In short, there are many types of issues that can crop up with a garage door. It's worthwhile to inspect your garage door every once in a while for small maintenance needs, so that you can catch them before they lead to an expensive repair. For more information, contact companies like Aladdin Doors of Raleigh.