3 Reasons Why You Garage Door Opener Needs Repairs

7 December 2022
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Many Americans thoroughly enjoy the ease of use and simplicity of their garage door openers. There is nothing more welcoming than being able to simply hit a button on your remote and see your garage door swing open to accept you back home. However, on rare occasions, these door openers will not respond, and when that happens you need to know what to do. Here are three of the most common reasons why your garage door opener needs repairs and what you should consider doing about it. After all, a garage door that refuses to open is not much better than a wall, so you should try to get it sorted out as soon as you can. 

Dead Battery

While it may not seem like such a big deal, most of the time your garage door opener will be in a completely sealed outer case, one that you are not supposed to mess around with, or you could potentially put the opener in more jeopardy than it already is in. This poses a problem when your battery inside the garage door opener dies as you cannot easily access it without potentially breaking it. One of the first things a garage door opener repair contractor will do is ensure the battery is fresh and new so that it will last for years upon years to come, all the while working safely and efficiently. 

Damaged Emitter

If the connection between the garage door opener and the door itself is no longer solid, then the main reason for its demise will almost always be a damaged emitter on the opener's end. It could potentially be the receiving component, but that is less likely as it goes through fewer bumps and bruises than the opener does in your pocket or car all day. If the garage door opener only works intermittently, you should still call for help as this issue will only get worse and one might you may be locked outside of your home when it completely fails. 

Left Alone

Most people are worried about using their equipment too much for fear of breaking it, but if you haven't used your garage door opener in a long while and are wondering whether it may not work, then you should know that time is not on your side. The longer you wait between uses, the more chance there is for corrosion to occur and for rust to penetrate deeply into the opener. If you haven't opened your automatic garage in years, then you really need to at least go outside and see if it works a few times at a minimum. Leaving electronics of any kind unused can cause this phenomenon, so always be careful how long you wait between uses, it can be good to air out the cobwebs of your garage door opener once in a while. 

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