Repairing Your Garage Door's Broken Cabling

5 July 2022
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If your garage door is not working correctly, repairing it as quickly as possible can be necessary to restore the functionality of this part of your home. While there are many parts of a modern garage door system that can fail, issues with the cabling can be one of the most common problems that these systems can suffer from.

Corrosion Could Weaken The Cables Until They Break

Over the years, the cables that are responsible for raising and lowering the garage door can begin to corrode. This corrosion will gradually cause these cables to weaken. After the cables have become too weak to support the weight of the garage door, they will be at risk of snapping or otherwise breaking while the garage door is in use. In many cases, this can also pose a safety hazard as the broken cables can lash out at tremendous speeds. Due to this risk, any garage door cabling that is developing corrosion should be replaced as soon as possible to minimize the costs of the repairs that are needed and to avoid the risk of a sudden failure causing serious injuries to a bystander.

If The Door Slammed Shut When The Cables Broke, It Should Be Evaluated For Damages

If the cables to your garage door failed and the unit slammed to the ground, there is a chance that it could have suffered damage from the impact. While this damage may not seem obvious at first, slight warping and even cracks in the garage door can eventually lead to significant issues for the entire system. The likelihood that this type of damage has occurred leads to it being necessary to have the garage door system thoroughly inspected to determine the damage that occurred. In addition to allowing for damages to the garage door itself to be identified, this can also allow for the system to be checked for issues that may have occurred due to the cables striking components when they failed.

The Garage Door Will Have To Be Balanced After The New Cables Are Installed

After the new cabling has been installed on the garage door, it will have to be properly balanced. If the garage door is not balanced after the installation of the new cables, there may be a much higher risk of the door warping its railing or causing other damage to it. A garage door repair service will be able to balance the garage door so that it will work like new once the cabling has been replaced.

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