Signs It's Time To Repair Your Garage Door

11 April 2022
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Garage doors enhance the safety of your vehicles. Usually, garage doors experience constant exposure to weather elements, increasing their wear and tear. Likewise, frequent usage contributes significantly to the wearing out of your garage door. In such cases, consider repairing your worn-out door. But, how do you determine that your garage door is due for repairs? Here are the common indicators.

Unexplained Spike of Energy Bills

Several home factors can cause an unexplained increase in your energy bills. Automated garage doors consume a reasonable amount of energy. However, a faulty garage entryway usually works harder, using more energy. Therefore, consider inspecting your garage door if you observe an unexplained rise in energy consumption. The inspection helps identify problems, such as a broken door opener, which may cause delayed door response. 

In such cases, your garage door takes longer to rise or lower and uses more power. Repair of damaged components helps restore normal performance, increasing your door's energy efficiency. In return, you enjoy a functional garage door and save money on energy bills.

Weather Damage

Weather elements can harm your garage entryway over time. For instance, excess moisture from the rain may lead to corrosion of metal components. The rust may eat up the metal, resulting in hole formation. These holes look unattractive and may allow pests inside your vehicle storage area. Likewise, wood parts are prone to mold growth and rotting when exposed to excess moisture.

Moreover, extreme temperature variations may lead to door frame warping. Warped garage doors usually open with difficulty, increasing frame damage risks if you force your door open. Thus, consider performing garage door repair when weather damage occurs.


A well-maintained garage entryway should display stability as it works. A shaky door indicates a significant problem. For instance, the garage door roller system, tracks, or belts may be faulty. In return, your door experiences tension during operation and may eventually crash. 

Operating unstable garage doors can risk your safety as they may crash unexpectedly. For instance, you may sustain bodily injuries when you get in the way of a crashing door. Additionally, a shaky door may crash with immense force, causing permanent garage damage. Such cases may prompt garage door replacement, which is costly. Thus, fix your garage entryway if it's shaky to restore stability and efficient operation.

The indicators that garage doors require repair include weather damage, an unexplained energy bill increase, and shakiness. Consider fixing your garage entryway immediately when you see these indicators.

Contact a garage door repair company for more information.