Help! The Garage Door Is Refusing To Close

28 June 2016
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If the garage door is refusing to close, there could be several culprits. It will take a process of elimination to correctly diagnose the door not closing as it should. It could be as simple as a dead battery or as complicated as a wiring issue.

Check the Battery

A quick fix could be as easy as checking the battery to the opener. You should also check the transmitter on the wall to see if it is operational. If one battery has expired, the other one is probably close to the end of its life also.

Check the Track Alignment

If gaps are showing between the rails, rollers, or in the bend of the rails, you might have a serious issue. As time passes, it could become a bigger issue than just the door refusing to close.

Adjust the Setting

Many garage door openers have two screws used to set the travel setting. You can use a screwdriver to adjust the opener, but you should just use a half-turn at a time until it is opening and closing correctly. It is best to check the owner's manual for your type of unit to locate the set screws. When the door is closed, the bottom weatherstripping should touch the ground's surface. However, be sure not to adjust the door too close to the floor because it could put a bow on the track.

Safety Feature

Does the door keep coming up after it hits the floor? There could be something obstructing the door on the floor. Many of the newer garage doors have an automatic safety feature that makes the unit reverse if the area isn't clear.

The Door Refuses to Close at All

If the door is stuck up, it probably needs a sensor adjustment. Lights should be on each side of the door and remain on at all times. If one or both isn't on, it means the invisible beam to the unit isn't getting a reading to the opener. A loose knob could need an adjustment, or a slight push on the metal bracket could fix the problem.

When it comes to a stubborn garage door, life can become aggravating when it doesn't work correctly. However, there is a reason for the problem, whether it be simple or complex. Some of these do-it-yourself suggestions should eliminate the problems. If not, it might be time to call a professional for a more detailed exploration of the troubles you're experiencing. Click here to learn more about garage door repair.