Did Your Power Go Out? Learn How To Operate Your Garage Door With No Electricity

27 April 2016
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Once you have experienced what it is like to use a garage door with an automatic opener, it's hard to go back to manually opening and closing the door again. Unfortunately, there are times where you may have to resort to putting the door into its manual mode, such as when you lose all power to the door. Thankfully, your door is not disabled, and following these steps can get the door opening and closing again.

Disengage The Garage Door's Trolley

Every automatic garage door should have a way that allows you to bypass the need to use the electronic opener. On your opener, look for a short rope that is hanging down from the top of the tracks. It usually has a red handle on it to help it stand out. This is the door's manually release, and it disengages the trolley from the opener.

Pulling on this handle will release the door from the track. If your door is already in the closed position, it's as simple as pulling down on the cord and disconnecting the door. If your garage door is in the open position, the door could very quickly slam shut. It helps to have another person hold the door when you pull on the release cord and then gently lower the door down to the ground.

Reengage The Garage Door's Trolley

At some point, you'll want to get the garage door hooked back up to the opener. To do so, you can pull on that red rope with the red handle, and pull the garage door back up the track. You will eventually hear the sound of it snapping when it goes back into the opener.

You can do the same thing when the power is back on by activating the garage door's electronic opener with the door in the closed position. The parts will move until they eventually click into place all on their own.

Keep Security In Mind

With the power out, you do not want to leave the garage door disconnected for security reasons. Since you can just open the door manually, that means others can do it too. It's a good idea to get your car out of the garage and then reengage the garage door to the trolley.

If you are having difficulties getting your garage door open or closed when the power is out, contact a local garage door repair company for help.