4 Possible Reasons Your Garage Door Isn't Working

30 December 2015
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It never fails--if your garage door is going to stop working, it will happen during an inconvenient time, such as when you are on your way to work or to pick up your children. Even if you have no plans to fix the door on your own, it can still be helpful to know what could be causing your garage door to stop functioning.

Possible Cause #1: Door Track is not in Alignment

Your garage door's track has to be aligned properly in order to move up and down. You can check to see if the track is misaligned by looking for gaps between the rails or rollers. The weight of your garage door over time can cause it to become misaligned. It is also possible the door was never installed correctly. Having a professional realign the door on the track is all that is needed to fix the problem.

Possible Cause #2: Your Track is Bent

The weight of your garage door can also cause the track to become vent over time. This is a frustrating problem because you will either have to replace or straighten out the track. Fortunately, you can hire a professional to determine whether replacing or straightening out the track is the easier option.

Possible Cause #3: There is an Issue with the Door Spring

It is possible your door's spring is broken or the cables connecting the springs to the door have snapped. Regardless of which problem you have, it needs to be fixed by a professional. Before the professional fixes the door, he or she will need to determine whether the door as a torsion spring or an extension spring. The torsion spring is placed over the garage door horizontally. It is connected to the bottom of the door and lifts up the door when activated. The extension spring, on the other hand, is attached to the back of the garage door. The spring recoils to raise the door and extends to lower the door. Over a period of time, the weight of the garage door can cause both types of springs to snap.

Possible Cause #4: The Garage Door Motor is Out

After determining the door spring and track are not causing the problem, the motor is what would be checked next. The motor can give out to do an issue with electricity or a mechanical failure. Fortunately, a professional should be able to inspect, repair, and/or replace the motor to resolve the issue.

As you can see, garage door problems will likely result in calling an expert to fix them. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to understand how your garage door works and what could be wrong. For more information, contact a business, such as Jayton Door Corporation