How To Update Your Garage

17 August 2015
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If your garage has become more of a storage room than a place to keep the family cars, perhaps it's time to give it some much needed attention. Here are some ideas that might help you to update your garage and make it more organized.

Pick A Day - When a chore seems monumental, it is often easy to just postpone taking care of it. Think of studying your calendar and of picking a day on which you won't have any serious distractions.

  • Think of selecting a day where the rest of the family will actually be gone. If you do that, you will have free reign of what should be eliminated from the garage.
  • On the other hand, selecting a day where all the family will be available to lend a helping hand might be a good idea, too.
  • If you choose to have your family help in this huge project, consider making a chart with everything that needs to be accomplished. Either make assignments or ask family members to write their names next to a job they would like to complete.

The Work Day - Consider starting early in the morning. A great idea is to have a good breakfast before you begin so that people won't be slipping out for snacks while they should be working.

  • Think about establishing certain areas for different categories of things that are in the garage. One category would be items that will be taken to a charity, another would be objects that will later be placed in a garage sale, while another stack would simply be placed in a trash bin.
  • An effective way to get the job done would be to work as teams. One team might clean the walls and another might scrub the floor. 
  • Consider buying storage units. Shelves for things like car cleaners, cans of paint and hand tools would eliminate clutter while an outdoor shed would be a great place for things like lawn mower and bicycles.

Update Big Items - Since you're going to this much trouble to get your garage in order, think about updating your windows and your garage door

  • Buying double-paned windows might be a bit of an expense, but the money you save on electricity will make the investment worth every penny you spend. In addition, selecting tinted windows will give you privacy and keep the heat out.
  • Has your garage door been hard to maneuver? Consider buying one with state-of-the-art remote units which are coded. Each driver will have his or her own remote control unit and will be able to access it by entering a code that only your family members have.
  • While you're at it, consider installing an electric fan with a light as part of the design.

After your garage is totally updated, consider putting different family members in charge of checking out areas of the space to make sure they remain organized. It might be a good idea to have a work day every couple of months, too.