How To Install A Weather Stop In A Garage

19 May 2015
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During the winter months it is very easy for snow and ice to build up around your garage doors. When the snow finally melts it turns into water that can come back into the garage and cause a major flood. The contents of the garage can get damaged by the flood water and it could end up costing you a lot of money. Installing a weather stop will help to prevent water from flowing into the garage is easy and can be installed by following these steps.

1 - Measure the opening of your garage door from one edge of the garage door to the other using a tape measure. Make sure the weather stop you buy is large enough strip of weather stop to completely cover the area of the garage door opening.

2 -Peel off cover on the adhesive on the back side of the stop. Once removed, the weather stop will have one giant adhesive strip on the back that can be stuck in place on the floor. Be careful that the adhesive doesn't touch anything until it is in the correct position on the floor or you could stick it accidentally to something else.

3- Make sure that the weather stop is in the correct position lined-up with the garage door before laying it into place. Once correctly lined up to the garage door, firmly press it down into place to form a bond between the concrete and the adhesive. The weather stop should form a watertight seal that will stop the flow of water and prevent other things like dirt and leaves from rolling in.

4 - Once the stop is secured to the floor start your car and roll it over top of the stop. Leave it parked on top of the stop for a couple minutes to apply additional pressure to the stop and bond it to the floor even tighter. Make sure that when the car moves on top of the stop that it doesn't move or change positions. If it does then you know that the adhesive did not bond to the concrete floor.

5 - Test the seal with the garden hose and sprinkle water along the front of the weather stop to see if water leaks into the garage. If water pools at the front of the stop and cannot pass through into the garage then you know that you have installed it correctly. If water leaks into the garage then go back and make sure that the seal is tight or call in the professional help of a garage door technician.

If you have problems installing the weather stop or the garage door will not close properly it could be a sign of a larger mechanical issue that needs to be fixed by a professional garage door repair technician.